Qualified Doctors

Doctors at Bosphorus Medical Solutions are Turkey’s leading plastic and general surgeons more than 20 years of experience in their field. We offer the most advanced medical treatments to our patients at hospitals by using latest technology medical equipment available in the world. 




Reachable Team

With expert personal consultants, Bosphorus Medical Solutions provide patients 7/24 reachable team that will help you with the process in detail and provide comfort by answering all questions in mind.



Free Consultation & Assistance

Our doctors will evaluate your medical status before recommending a treatment plan.
To review your medical status, we will request your medical records in English by e-mail.

Account managers in Bosphorus Medical Solutions will provide your estimated possible hospital charges in detail before your travel as a draft. 




VIP Standards

Upon your request, we will provide transportation for all international patients free of charge. Moreover, we can support you by offering accommodation alternatives close to your hospital. By informing us two days before your departure date, we can schedule your transportation to your hotel.